Three Ways Reiki Can Be Performed On Your Pet

20 October 2017
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Reiki is an energy healing method that many pet owners look to to bring relaxation and calm to their pets. Many believe that it plays a crucial role in improving the rate of healing from illnesses and wounds, as well. However, if you've never had Reiki performed on your pet before, it might surprise you to know that it's also one of the most convenient forms of energy healing for pets, as well. Read on to learn the three ways that pets can be treated with Reiki.


One of the most common methods of Reiki healing for pets is for the Reiki practitioner to lay their hands on your pet. It's not necessary to lay hands on the wound or the site of the illness, but placing their hands on the pet channels the energy directly into the pet.

This method is very similar to other forms of energy healing. It's not necessary for the practitioner to push, prod, or knead the area, so even pets who have injuries can be treated by hands-on Reiki.


In some cases, pets don't take well to strangers. Thankfully, Reiki doesn't require placing hands on a pet directly in order to heal them. If your pet doesn't feel comfortable being touched by a stranger, your practitioner will be able to channel Reiki to them from across the same room.

Level 2 Reiki practitioners and above are able to use this method. They can transmit the energy through their hands or their eyes to your pet, which will be received in the same way as a hands-on method. If you're interested in this method, make sure that your practitioner is a master, teacher, or at least a level 2 practitioner.


Lastly, Reiki can be channeled to your pet from a distance, even if you're not in the same city or state as your Reiki practitioner. Reiki teaches that energy can be transmitted to any point in the world, as well as any time. This means that your pet can benefit from Reiki energy no matter where they are.

As with hands-off Reiki healing, you should make sure that your practitioner has completed at least their second level training. If they have, they will be able to use the sacred symbols that are taught that enable the transmission of energy from long distances.

Reiki can relax and calm pets and potentially help healing, too. If you're interested in your pet receiving this therapy, talk to a practitioner, like one from Downing Center For Animal Pain Management, about having your pet try this therapy either in-person or from a distance.