How To Safely Help Your Cat Lose Weight

8 November 2017
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Carrying excess weight and fat is dangerous for everyone, including cats. Unfortunately, simply forcing your cat to eat less isn't a viable way of helping them to lose weight. If your cat is overweight or obese, give these steps a try to get your cat back to a healthy weight. Veterinarian Just like with people, it's a good idea to visit a doctor before beginning any diet program. Cats need to visit a veterinarian before you try to encourage them to lose weight. Read More 

Three Ways Reiki Can Be Performed On Your Pet

20 October 2017
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Reiki is an energy healing method that many pet owners look to to bring relaxation and calm to their pets. Many believe that it plays a crucial role in improving the rate of healing from illnesses and wounds, as well. However, if you've never had Reiki performed on your pet before, it might surprise you to know that it's also one of the most convenient forms of energy healing for pets, as well. Read More 

Some Things You Should Know About Dog Vaccinations

24 September 2017
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When you get a puppy, you want to know they are healthy, so you should get them examined by a vet right away. At this exam, the vet will also vaccinate them. Depending on their age, they may need to come back a couple more times for booster shots. New puppies are protected through their mother; they get temporarily vaccinated through the mother's milk. Once they wean, those antibodies will leave and they will be defenseless against many illnesses. Read More 

3 Things To Know About Horses And Medical Care

13 August 2017
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Whether you're an avid rider or just love horses, purchasing a horse can be very rewarding. However, there is a lot that goes into caring for a horse and it can be expensive. The average annual cost of owning a horse is around $3,876. Stabling costs and food make up a large portion of this number. Medical costs are also something that must be considered carefully when owning and caring for a horse. Read More 

Does Your Dog Have an Ear Infection?

14 July 2017
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Ear infections are not just a human illness. Dogs can also suffer from ear infections. When your dog has an infection, treatment is necessary to prevent complications that could impact the hearing of the dog. If you suspect your dog has an ear infection, here is what you need to know. What Are the Symptoms? When your dog has an ear infection, it might not show any symptoms. However, if the infection worsens, your dog can exhibit certain signs, such as being reluctant to chew, pawing at its ear, and leaning to one side frequently. Read More